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Hard Drive Security
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Modern Copiers and Multi-function printer machines contain hard drives, and are in reality sophisticated computers. The Hard Drives will contain digital copies of nearly every document that has been copied, printed faxed or scanned.

If your machine is sold, stolen, or returned to the leaseholder . . . your sensitive data may be at risk. Do you know who may be reading your sensitive information? Copiers and MFPs are the newest "gold mine" for Identity Thieves.

Getting out that sensitive info is nearly child's play, it requires no computer hacking skill, and retrieving that sensitive data can often be done with the push of a few buttons.

If your company deals with social security numbers, medical records, legal planning or defense, tax records, bank records, police documents, checks, or any other personal or sensitive information . . . you MUST take action to prevent your sensitive data from being compromised.

Protect your sensitive data, and call AllTech Imaging Technologies for a free confidential evaluation of your security risk. We offer flat-rate, cost effective and affordable solutions to protect your valuable data.